It began with my longing for the layers of urban dust, for stone shadows, cracked façades, and fresco plaster plants, the longing for the washed-out tones of the tenement buildings, the manifold overpainted life.


A visit to Argentina’s Cordillera brought phthalocyanine green into my daily life.
The phthalocyanine green planet paintings are produced by applying countless thin layers of acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Needles, wood and rags are used to reveal once again what had been covered over.
Planets trace orbits, circles, ellipses. They are unstable, and unique in terms of their substance, eccentricity and age. They have no limits; they attract one another.
Moving in their orbits, the planets seem to cross each other although they never really meet.


Jani Pietsch
Merseburger Str. 12
D-10823 Berlin

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Translation German–English: Richard Holmes, Sunniva Greve

Grafik: Aleksandra Kujawska, www.dotindrop.de